Tensions rising in Sudan and South Sudan

One of the areas of contention between Sudan and South Sudan, Heglig, has been taken back by South Sudan. This area was marked as part of South Sudan in 1956 boarder agreements. Since it is a major oil producer no one has wanted to let it go. Since the recent take over by the SPLA Sudan has responded by pulling out of peace talks with South Sudan. South Sudan has stopped oil production, which does not make Sudan happy and Sudan responded by declaring a mobilization of their army. Here are many links below to get the full story. Please keep both Sudans in your prayers during this intense time where war is seemingly more and more imminent. We do serve a God of miracles and I pray this could somehow be avoided and millions of civilian lives could be spared.
Sudan breaks off talks with South Sudan.
South Sudan shuts down oil production in the disputed border area of Heglig
Sudan declares general mobilisation after Heglig clash.

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