An Open Letter to Newsweek Mag

I have tried by best to keep from using this blog for anything political. But the situation has gotten the best of me. I have written a letter to the editor and thought by possibly writing openly here, it might have more effect. This post is in response to this month’s Newsweek cover story titled ‘Our Mutual Joy’ in which a senior editor (also the religious editor) writes on how Biblical scripture supports gay marriage. An excellent rebuttal can be found at

As a child I began to consume the news at a much younger age than those
around me. I would read the front page section of the local paper from front
to back every morning before school, while most of my friends, if they read
the paper at all, were skimming the sports section. Soon after, I got my own
subscription to Newsweek and had it for many years into high school. Around
this time the internet came into view and I began consuming my news through
the WWW. For many years my mother offered to get me subscriptions to World
Magazine (as an alternative to NW), a global news source with a
worldview/bent toward the evangelical side of things. At the time, I felt
this World Mag leaned to hard so as to skew the real news behind the story
being told.

While I held Newsweek up as being a liberal publication, I still viewed it
overall as a publication that told things for the sake of news, not to push
some worldview or bent on the public. It is this week that I have decided
that it has gone the way of the World Magazine (obviously in the opposite
direction), and perhaps much stronger in it’s lack of newsworthiness. Your
preconceived opinions have taken precedence over reporting the news as it

After reading this month’s cover article, Our Mutual Joy, by a senior editor
no less, and very misinformed religious writer, I am discussed that a
publication such as yours would hold up such an ill-informed, uneducated,
one-sided, God-bashing article (and the writer behind it) as newsworthy.

Your publication is no longer worthy of the status of a news magazine.

With a heart hurting for those discussed with the church,

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  1. wow, taylor. That is quite a strong letter. Did you send it to the editor as well, or just posted on your site. I would tend to agree with you that there are so few truly objective news sources, that I am so sorry that you have lost your fave one. That is why I am also caught in broadcast news. I know you watch CNN – but I think it is already in that spot that Newsweek now is, pushing its agenda and liberalism. So, now even though I think Fox is on the conservative angle, at least it is the angle I most commonly agree with, so I listen to that. Hope all is well bro. Glad to see you're still connected to the U.S. being in Africa!

    Miss you.

  2. Nice response. That is pretty outrageous.

  3. just in case you have a chance to change a few things before you send it, I think spell check may have done you a disservice. (PS…I really liked it) I think you wrote discusted which was changed to discussed, but you actually meant disgusted? And also at the end of the first paragraph did you mean "so hard" or maybe "too hard"…I don't know. PS you are cool!

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