July Praise and Prayer Requests

A belated Happy 4th to all our American friends! The holiday feel is here in Nairobi with the end of Ramadan coming up tomorrow, and it is a public holiday so we might have some friends over to bbq or wait until Taylor arrives back this weekend! We so appreciate the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and continue to pray for America and all countries to turn and seek after God and his ways.

Thank you so very much for continuing to lift us up in your prayers! Apologies for silence last month as we had a very full month of end of school year events, Taylor re-cooping from his three week trip to Thailand and prepping for his current trip to the States, a great leadership/coaching workshop Taylor attended (thankfully just across town), hosting many wonderful visitors, and celebrating our 13th! anniversary!

Here are our prayer praises and requests for July

Thank you for your prayers for the rains/flooding we had in May. The rains have moved on and we had a few weeks of colder weather but now back to sunny weather and have dried out again. Homes, businesses have been repaired and some buildings have been evacuated to get torn down and rebuilt safely.

Praise and Prayer for safe, productive and encouraging work trips for Taylor and his media team. Their time in Thailand was filled with many long, busy days helping to run the media for a conference and see how they work as a team with very little prior interactions together. There have been some bumps as to be expected with a new team forming but overall things went smoothly. This month they were able to gather together in the States for a time to get to know one another in a retreat type setting and work on some fun projects without the daily time crunch! Most begin their travels to other projects or back to the countries they serve in today, we are very much looking forward to having Taylor back late Saturday evening!

There is so much injustice going on in the world right now it seems, but you may have seen that an attorney with IJM here in Nairobi was killed along with his client and their taxi driver.You can read more, here . We have known many friends who have come to work for IJM and really appreciate all they are doing to promote justice here in Kenya and around the globe. Please pray that the police who were being charged in the case being brought to the courts, and may be involved with the murders be brought to justice. Pray for those who are really guilty be the ones found and charged and that this might be something that spurs Kenya on to clean up the policing system and hold those in leadership accountable to the same laws they are entrusted to enforce. For some reason this incident really hit me hard as reminder of this not being our home, we have an enemy that is active, and our desperate need for a Savior. Please continue to lift up the IJM family and the families of those who lost their lives. IJM had recently won perhaps the first case being brought against a corrupt policeman here in Kenya, may their handwork continue on.

A praise again for the home the Lord and generous supporters provided for us this year. We have a great set up to host visitors in this current home and have really enjoyed hosting many wonderful friends and family. This has been an encouragement to me, Allison, as an easy in-home ministry to have.

Praise for a anniversary date night! One of the families we have gotten to know from our church has an older daughter, who had her own car!, and loves to babysit! This is a huge praise as this brings some much needed opportunity for being a couple!

And last but not least, we have been keeping somewhat quiet out of shock. We have a surprise blessing of a new little one arriving this October. Baby girl Martyn will be arriving towards the end of the month and we are slowly getting use to the many changes this brings to our family. Praise for this gift of life and for overall good health for both baby and mama so far. Please pray for peace to surround us all and for continued good health.

Thank you again and again for your prayers!