May Prayer and Praises

Dear Praying Friends,
April just flew by! Thank you again for joining with us in prayer, we appreciate it. Below are our prayer requests for May.

Praise for having Taylor home for most of April! Prayer for preparations for his next journey 30 April- 20 May. He will be in Thailand for a Wycliffe communications conference and other meetings. Prayer for final editing of the films Taylor and his team have been working on that will be shown throughout the conference, prayer for the many details Taylor will oversee managing the media for the conference itself. Prayer for safety in travel to and around Thailand for all those attending the conference. Prayer for good team unity for Taylor’s team and praise for another opportunity to work together face to face. Prayer for his other meetings to be productive, encouraging and help inspire new ways to promote what the Lord is doing in Bible translation projects around the world!

Praise for a great school term for Avery at her school and a relatively smooth adjustment. Prayer to help us focus and end this term well. Prayer for the needed funding to come in for both kiddos to be able to attend next year.

Praise for a clear answer to the prayer about if Allison should take on a ministry opportunity. For now the Lord has told us it would not be best for our family, especially over the school holidays and with Taylor’s travels. Praise that the Lord really has helped me to be content and thankful to have this opportunity to poor into our family for this season.

Praise for a great Spiritual Life Conference with SIM Kenya last month. It was wonderful to reconnect with our SIM family and meet many new families who have come over the last year.

We appreciate your prayers so very much and could not do this without partners like you supporting us. Thank you!
Allison for us all!

Praying friends,
We have an urgent extra prayer request. Could you pray for the rains in Nairobi to slow. Rain is a blessing, especially now for planting, but we have been having such heavy rains that it is causing some pretty sever flooding in areas. As you may have seen in the news a building and several support walls have collapsed around town. Many children have been reported lost in areas with flash flooding and many homes in slum areas have been washed away. Some of the homes we have previously lived in have had pretty bad flooding, up to waist high. We are now in an area that is a bit higher in elevation and have not had flooding issues but would appreciate prayers for all those who have lost loved ones and those who have lost their belongings/homes.
Thank you!