Post Sudan

Wow, what a trip. We’ll be getting out a letter to all of you soon and to those of you on our email list, you’ll get an email as well. I’ve got a lot of video and photos to show everyone. Over the coming days, the photos will be all up on my Flickr account you can access to the right. I’ll be doing little 2 minute videos about different things that happened when we were in Sudan and hope to get those up about once a week. Here’s a cool photo of me shooting video of some kids in Atar.

I had set up my camera on the path they were all walking down on. All of the sudden, one kid runs up and screams back to the rest and they all look up and see me and begin to run toward me. At first there were maybe a dozen, slowly inching toward me, as they wanted to be toward the front. Eventually about 60 kids were surrounding me all yelling, screaming and laughing. You’ll see the video eventually.